Our Mission

The mission of St. Mark Youth Enrichment is to provide innovative programs and services that cultivate the educational and social-emotional growth of youth and families.

What We Do

St. Mark Youth Enrichment (formerly St. Mark Community Center) is a non-profit organization that has served the Dubuque Community for 25 years. We provide before and after school programming in four of the Title 1 elementary schools in the Dubuque Community School District.

The before and after school programs in Audubon Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, and Marshall Elementary before school programming at Fulton Elementary.

The before school program, Early Risers, and after school program, Step Up, encourage the holistic growth of each student through enrichment in the areas of academics, character development, health, physical exercise, and creativity.

We also provide an energetic 7 week summer program, Our Heroes Academy, in both the Dubuque and Dyersville school districts. The 7 week program allows us to make a huge impact on the academic and social growth of the lives of our students. St Mark’s Heroes Academy gives children the opportunity to increase their reading and math scores, but to also experience learning in a hands on, enriching experience.
St. Mark also engages the student’s families in these learning processes to maximize the opportunities for academic and social-emotional growth at home.