You don’t need a cape to be a hero. You just need to care.

~ Kid President

Your generous gifts ensure your connections to the children and families served. It is because of you there are safe spaces for the nearly 500 students served annually.

Because of you, the St Mark family can continue it’s needed service in the tri-state area. Only because of you, services will continue grow, serving more children.

Dereon, our Hero of the Year, would tell you his friends need you. “They need more heroes, and they have your name on that list!”

St. Mark kids rely on your generosity in supporting them. Make your donation today and make the difference today! Your gift gives more than art supplies and more than books. It creates new heroes. Your gift gives these kids a safe space to learn to be great, kind and caring HEROES.

When you give them the chance to be great kids, they have all the opportunities to be great students. It only happens because of YOU!

Questions? Beth McGorry, Outreach Coordinator, at 563.582.6211 x102 or

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