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one kid $11 | 130 kids $1,400

Provide an Entire Summer of ISU STEAM Learning

Includes fun lessons for one kid in robotics + grossology + more from our partners at Dubuque ISU Extension & Outreach.


one kid $46 | 130 kids $6,000

teach a kid to soar

"This is the best field trip ever"

Includes a field trip for one kid to visit the Four Mounds Ropes Course to climb to new heights and fly this summer. Also covers needed supervision and transportation.


One kid $22 | 130 kids $2,860

give a kid five new books this summer

Book day in the summer is one of our kid’s favorite days. Your gift will bring the joy of reading to young kids and help surround them with books that they love and enjoy.


one day $80 | summer $2000

BEST VALUE: Sponsor a summer Student

Provide a summer of snacks, fun, learning, crafts, field trips, and safe spaces for one student this summer.



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we believe every kid has
the power to change the world

stories of impact

Kids now more than ever, need a safe space and parents need to know their children are being taken care of with care and compassion.

Here are a few examples of the ways St. Mark is working to support kids and families in our area.

JAKIRAH is amazing. When asked what she would do if she could do anything, she shared she would go to the store to get nice things for all her St. Mark friends.

MYKEERA was named
kid hero of the year in 2021 & hosted avideo tour of a day at St. Mark. She dreams of some day being a tv host.

SUMMER is the
season of heroes
--the season kids
believe in themselves
and learn to soar.

NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES for more than 3500 kids kids like this every year.

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“It really says something when a child feels safe, understood, and emotionally secure enough to be themself.”

- St. Mark Parent

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All amounts in this catalog are estimates based on 2022 data. Funds will be used to fund these items
and all of the work of St. Mark Youth Enrichment. St. Mark is a tax-deductible nonprofit organization.

To cancel or modify recurring donations, email bmcgorry@stmarkyouthenrichment.org.