COVID-19 and St. Mark

Dear friends,

I’m going to be honest. Things are a little scary right now. But as I would tell my St. Mark kids, “Things are going to be okay, we’re all in this together.”

I can promise you that St. Mark will do all we can to share the best and most recent news and resources with all of you. I want nothing more than my team, my families, my St. Mark kids, and my communities to be safe and to feel safe, loved, and supported.

My mind and my heart is on YOU!

  • We want to minimize the risk this virus poses for our team and our children and families.
  • Following the lead of the districts we serve and the Governor’s recommendation, all St. Mark programs and events will remain canceled or postponed while schools are closed.
  • The St. Mark office will be closed to the public, and all office staff are being encouraged to work from home.

The health and safety of our kids and families are of the utmost importance and doing this is the best way we can create that safe space.

As our greatest friends, know that we at St. Mark are committed to the choices and sacrifices we must all make, even if it means closing our physical doors for just a little while.

To our parents & kids: know we will do everything within our power to continue to support you, whether that’s sharing resources, hosting virtual enrichment activities, or still being that friend you can turn to. Our doors may be closed, but our phone lines, our emails, and our hearts are open. A list of resources will be available at as well as any updates on our Facebook page.

To our helpers and supporters: we’d love for you to share a clip of you reading or sharing a talent so we could share it with our families as a virtual enrichment and a way to keep families and kids engaged while they’re at home.  Email us a clip at or submit a video online.

Please be safe, protect yourself and those you interact with, and be healthy. Most importantly, thank you, as always, for all the extraordinary things you do every day for our children and youth.

With love and big air hugs,