Hi, I'm Shamari, and my brother Kendell and I need your help.

Last year, YOU and your hero neighbors took care of over 200 KIDS for winter in Dubuque and Western Dubuque. 200 is a whole lot of kids, but I know you can do it again! I need YOU! And with this coronavirus stuff going on, my friends need you more than ever.

My brother and I have been working hard from home with Miss Beth & Miss Danielle at St. Mark. We have learned there are kids that don’t have the things they need to keep them warm, but we hatched a plan. This team of Kid Heroes is AWESOME, but it needs YOU! There are multiple ways you can help below.

Will You help my friends?

Can't Shop? We got you!

We totally know that sometimes you don’t have time, but REALLY want to put that hero cape on. So if you would like to be a sponsor, but can’t shop, we would love to go shopping for your child! Just send St. Mark a gift to 1201 Locust St. C/O Sponsor Angels or donate below. If all of the kids on our list our taken care of, our friends at St. Mark will use the funds to support kids like us in the best way possible.