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$7 Provides One Day for One Kid

Last year hundreds of afterschool programs like ours closed their doors for good. Ours could be next.


Like too many other afterschool programs throughout the country, I may be soon faced with the very tough choice of cutting services and saying no to a growing number of the kids I love. My heart aches when I think what it would mean to these kids if this safe place was taken away from them when they need it most. They need you.

The world today is a lot different than the world you and I knew two years ago. I know there are so many challenges right now. The fear of the unknown, the constant wonder if this will ever all be over. The feeling of worry. That feeling of just feeling stuck. I imagine you’ve felt these feelings. My friend Jakirah feels them too.

Jakirah (left) with her mom & sister during her first year at St. Mark. She's been a St. Mark Kid Hero for nearly 3 years. Just $7 could provide one day afterschool for her or her friends.

I’ve known Jakirah since she was 7. She’s always wearing a smile. She loves to dance, loves to laugh. And she absolutely loves her best friends. Now 9, she’d tell you her favorite thing is her “best, best, bestest, very best friend” Mykerra. She's got big dreams. And she needs you. 

You can make sure she doesn’t lose this beautiful space she has to just be a kid, to make friends, to feel safe, and to have fun. For roughly $7 you can give just one day to a kid like Jakirah. For just $7 you can give one day of laughter, even when there’s not a lot to laugh about. You can make sure she has one more space where she can believe in her dreams and inspire others to believe in them too.

You can give one day to help kids learn how to deal with these same big things you and I are facing today, and how to stand strong when faced with bigger things tomorrow. When you say yes, you’re giving kids a space where they know they matter and that they have so much greatness to share with the world.

Please keep afterschool open. Please Give One day.