$5 Gives One Day to a Kid Like Shamari

The last few months have been tough for all of us. Fear of the unknown, trying to do things you either never signed up to do or at least not in the way you are doing them— being a teacher, a non-stop referee for sibling shenanigans, missing the physical connection of family and friends, wishing you could go back to the office or wishing someone’s job would finally make it possible for them to work from home…

I imagine you too have felt these big feelings. Kids like Shamari feel them too. When kids are connected, they can learn how to deal with these really big challenges. They learn to feel the big things that they need to feel. They learn how to deal with these struggles and these changes that go on around them and around all of us every day, and they learn to be really incredible people. When you support these connections, you’re teaching kids like Shamari about healthy relationships and that they matter and that they have so much greatness to share with the world.

You’re giving them so much more than a tasty snack, or a book, or a one-on-one conversation, you’re giving them an activity toolbox and you’re giving them the life skills they need to make the right decisions and to move forward through the other side of this challenging time okay.

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