Sight Words: Printable Games

Sight Words has an extensive collection of printable board and card games that build reading skills while also keeping kids engaged. For many of these, you just need a color printer, paper, scissors, or other everyday objects you can find around the home. Enjoy!

Sight Words Bingo

Play bingo while reinforcing your sight words. Print out your own custom cards.


Sight Words Snakes & Ladders

A twist on the Snakes & Ladders (Chutes & Ladders) board game. Print out your own custom boards.


Sight Words Fly Swat

Spot your sight word, then squish it with the fly swatter. Build up speed while having fun.


Sight Words Parking Lot

Park the toy car in the right spot by reading your sight words.


Sight Words Pathways

Follow a sight words trail around the room, venturing over chairs and under tables.


Sight Words Bean Bag Toss

Throw a bean bag on a flash card and then read the word. Combines sight words practice with physical activity.


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