St. Mark is Here

As we continue to navigate this new, albeit temporary, normal together know that you have been on my mind every single day. I imagine all the beautiful things that are coming from this…things like families working together to make dinner, playing together in backyards, pets who are thrilled their humans will be home ALL day again, finding new and creative ways to stay connected to family and friends, and having this moment to pause and remember all that is really important in life centers on our relationships and those we love.

I also know, though, that there are many challenges. I think about those too…the financial impact, fear of the unknown, trying to do things you either never signed up to do or at least not in the way you are doing them— being a teacher, a non-stop referee for sibling shenanigans, missing the physical connection of family and friends, wishing you could go back to the office or wishing someone’s job would finally make it possible for them to work from home…

Due to the recent extension on guidelines and schools not yet reopening, our offices will continue to be closed to the public at least through April 30. All of our administrative staff are now working from home.

We will continue to share the best and most recent news and resources with you. We want you to be safe and to know you are loved and supported. Know that all of us from your St. Mark family miss you dearly, are cheering for you, and continue to prepare to be ready once we get to be with you again…that thought makes my heart smile!

In the meantime, please take advantage of ways to stay connected:

  • We are offering Social-Emotional Learning kits that can be picked up at our Little Free Library outside our office. We are also working to figure out ways to ensure more of you can access these kits in both Dubuque and Western Dubuque/ Be on the lookout for updates on that soon. These small gestures help us to feel connected to all of you. And we hope it provides opportunities for you and your family to maintain your emotional health during these tough times.
  • Virtual enrichment activities and stories are shared daily on our Facebook page
  • Reach out to a team member just to say hi or to ask any questions you may have:
  • Share a video clip via email to Jon at It could be a hello from the kids to our team, a project you are working on together, using the SEL kit, or any other thing you want to share to help keep us all connected
  • Keep the clips coming of you reading, virtual field trips, or sharing a talent. Families and the community as a whole are loving them!

Please be safe, protect yourself and those you interact with, and be healthy. Most importantly, thank you, as always, for all the extraordinary things you do every day! We appreciate you!

With love and big air hugs,