In this time apart, one on one connections have never been more important.

That's why we need your support. For $10, you can support a personal one on one reading for a St. Mark student.

Your gift will help us stay connected with these amazing kids during this really rough time. I've spoken to a lot of them. They have big feelings, and this is nerve-wracking for them. They’ve lost their school families. They’ve lost their best friends. That's why these one on one connections are so important. But we need your help to do that.

Buy a story today, and make a world of difference for a kid tomorrow.

Want to purchase a reading for your own family that will help support these amazing kids? You can order a reading too! Just give us 72 hours to get back to you to schedule a time to connect. Each reading will be approximately 15-20 minutes long. 

Additional proceeds will be used to ensure that when we do open our doors again, and our kids do return to school and our program, we will be prepared to come in and take care of these kids as much as we can.

With love & big air fives,