St. Mark Youth Enrichment One of Thirteen 2021 IWF Grant Recipients to Support Women and Girls

Iowa Women’s Foundation Celebrates $1.1 Million of Giving since 1997

The Iowa Women’s Foundation (IWF) announced 2021 Core Grant recipients at their Annual Luncheon October 9. IWF has awarded a total of $100,000 to thirteen organizations across the state to fund Core Grant programs for 2021, raising the total granted to over $1.1 million since the first grants were awarded in 1997. IWF works to improve the lives of Iowa’s women and girls. Grants are awarded to projects that focus primarily on serving the needs and aspirations of women and girls. To this end, six specific areas have been identified as the most critical barriers for Iowa women and girls: employment, child care, housing, education/training, transportation, and mentoring. Programs must address one or more of the barriers to be considered for a grant.

St Mark Youth Enrichment in Dubuque is one of the thirteen recipients of the 2021 Core Grants. St Mark’s Social Emotional Learning: Expanding Model for Greater Impact serves the Dubuque area, and addresses the barrier of Education/Training. The program is expanding its social emotional learning model to have direct programming for girls throughout the school year and summer, family engagement and education efforts targeted for single mothers to gain skills to foster healthy parenting practices at home, and adding training and consulting for other organizations in effective implementation of social emotional strategies. Implementation of social emotional learning is reflected at every level of St. Mark, from the purposeful training the staff receive to the physical tools utilized daily on site. The aim of these efforts is for students to build 5 cognitive and behavioral competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Family events provide education on effective and healthy discipline practices focusing on composure and positive approaches to working with behavior challenges.

The Iowa Women’s Foundation is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, committed to improving the lives of Iowa’s women and girls through a diversified mix of funding and action: research, grant-making, advocacy, education and collaboration. To achieve its goals and make the most significant impact, IWF brings together and invests in organizations across Iowa that make women and girls more successful. IWF is the only state-wide organization working to enhance and improve women’s economic self-sufficiency. To learn more about IWF, please visit our website:

Iowa Women’s Foundation
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